St George’s Day Word Mat

St George’s Day Word Mat

Get ready for St George’s Day with our St George’s Day Word Mats.

What’s the story of St George and the dragon?

St George is the Patron Saint of England, and is often depicted as a knight from the Middle Ages who was actually born long before those times – during the period of the Romans.  The story of St George and the Dragon begins in Libya – where there was a dragon. At first the dragon ate the animals that lives in the fields, but then he started to eat people.  The local people agreed to give the dragon one person a month to eat, as long as he left everyone else alone. The king said that each month, one person’s name at random would be chosen to be fed to the dragon. Then one day, the name of the princess was chosen, and it was her turn to be sacrificed. The day came when it was her turn to be fed to the dragon, and as they were on their way, a Roman soldier arrived, his name was George and he was a Christian on his travels. He asked why she looked so sad, and heard about the dragon. George said, “If that is the case, then I shall slay the dragon!” George saw the dragon emerge and rushed forward to slay him by digging a spear into his shoulder. George managed to free the princess and got the dragon on a lead. When George arrived back in the village, he killed the dragon and the people knew they were safe.

Use this St George’s Day Word Mat to help children understand and write about St George and the Dragon.

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