Roll Read and Draw Activity – Phonics Family Range

Roll Read and Draw Activity – Phonics Family Range

roll read and draw phonics family

Another brilliant phonics game from Phonics Family, ideal for provision areas. Help children with their reading skills with this Roll Read and Draw Activity – Phonics Family Range. Ideal for provision areas!

How to play

1. Cut out the word cards and place them in a pile face down.

2. Children should take it in turns to pick a card, roll the dice and then read out what is on the card.

3. They should then draw that number of objects onto a piece of paper, for example – if they roll a number three and read the card that says ‘pink flowers’ they should draw three pink flowers on the piece of paper.

4. If they roll a number one, they should roll again.

5. Repeat until all the cards are used up.

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