Phase 5 Elephants Reading Comprehension

Phase 5 Elephants Reading Comprehension

Phase 5 reading comprehension sheets

Explore a whole range of phase 5 decodable reading comprehensions all perfectly aligned to the correct phonics phase, and order of teaching of the Letters and Sounds framework. Each reading comprehension activity is quick and can be done by children independently at each phonics stage, being composed entirely of words that are made up of grapheme-phoneme correspondences have learned up to that point.

Use Phase 5 Elephants Reading Comprehension alongside the phase 5 decodable text, Elephants, and our phonics scheme Time for Phonics, an effective systematic synthetic phonics programme that contains easy to follow daily lesson plans, lesson presentations, CPD videos, accompanying resources and online phonics games that offer complete fidelity and structure across the programme. Can also be used alongside any phonics scheme that has the same or similar order of teaching as Letters and Sounds.

Explore the rest of our Decodable Quick Reading Comprehensions.

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