Phase 4 Sentence Building Activity

Phase 4 Sentence Building Activity

Phase 4 sentence resources 

Help children learn to read, write and spell phase 4 phonics words with our Phase 4 Sentence Building Activity.
How to use:
  1. Cut out the Phase 4 sentences, making sure that you keep each set of words belonging to the same sentence together (they are numbered to make this easier for you). Jumble up the order of the words and put a paperclip on each set to keep them together.
  2. Put the children into pairs or small groups and give each pair or group a sentence (with the words cut up as above).
  3. The children must work together to read the words and put the sentence into the correct order.
  4. Go around each group and ask them to read their finished sentence out loud to the group.

Explore our phase 4 phonics resources.

Explore our phase 4 phonics scheme.

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