Numicon Cakes Matching Activity

Numicon Cakes Matching Activity

Shelley Cake number words to 20

This Numicon Cakes Matching Activity is a great way to help children with their recognition of numbers!

With this activity, the children will match the peg doll or wooden number to the correct word and Numicon shape on the cupcake. You could use magnetic numbers or even get the children to write on a post it note the number that matches the word.
Top Tips
You could magnetic numbers to match to the correct cupcake i.e. number 7 to match with cupcake seven. Children could count out a number of objects (cubes/gems/bears) and match them up to the correct word. Children could use post it notes and write the correct number and stick it onto the cupcake.

How to use guide

– Print out the cakes and cut out and laminate (optional)

– Children are to use the cakes with the Numicon image on the flag and the numbers to 20 in words alongside other maths resources to match the numeral to the word.

NC Links:

– Read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in numerals and words.

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