Phase 3-5 Snakes and Ladders Games

Use these Phase 3-5 Snakes and Ladders Games as a great way to help children practise the phonemes learned in phases 3-5. Brilliant for morning work, for home learning and to have out in your provision area.

What you will need:

– Snakes and Ladders game.
– One counter per child.
– Dice.
– Phoneme frames/whiteboard + pens.

How to use:

– Print out the snakes and ladders game for the phase you are currently working on or want to consolidate.

– Children will roll a die(dice) and then move their counter that many spaces.

– If they land at the bottom of the ladder, they can travel up.

– If they land on a snake’s head, they must slither down.

– Whatever phoneme/grapheme they land on, they use their phoneme frame to write a word that contains that sound.

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