Life Skills School Closure Activity Dice

Life Skills School Closure Activity Dice

Spend your time during school closures wisely with our Life Skills School Closure Activity Dice. Or should that be die?

Use these dice as a way to help children to decide what activity to do next! Simply roll the dice and the choice is made for you. The dice come in simple to assemble nets – also brilliant as a 3D shape activity!

This is a perfect chance to teach your children the life skills that they’ll need for adult life. Usually our lives are so busy we end up doing everything for our children as it’s just quicker than teaching them. Realistically they are missing out on loads of learning opportunities as well as being ill equipped for adult life. These life skills ideas for kids is packed full of inspiration of things that children will thank you for – and really enjoy too!

Perfect for using during Covid-19 school closures.

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