Letter Formation Race – Phonics Family Range

Letter Formation Race - Phonics Family Range

Help children with their letter formation skills using our Letter Formation Race – Phonics Family RangeUsing the tried and tested curly caterpillars, one-armed robots, long ladder letters and zigzag monsters, children will love playing a game and practising their letter formation all at the same time!

We’ve been working with the lovely Katie from Phonics Family to develop a whole new range of phonics resources that add a multi-sensory, activity-based element to phonics learning. Perfect for phonics intervention groups, during phonics sessions and for home learning, children will love these phonics activities!

Suitable for ages 4-6.

How to use 

Choose one type of letter formation type to work on. Print, cut, fold and stick the dice together. Roll the dice and whichever letter it lands, on practise writing it onto the track. Keep rolling the dice and forming the letters until one gets to the finish line – they are the winner!

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