EYFS Morning Starter Jobs – Autumn 1 Week 6 (People Who Help Us)

EYFS Morning Starter Jobs – Autumn 1 Week 6 (People Who Help Us)

EYFS morning activities

EYFS Morning Jobs

A great new range of morning starter activities that are specifically aimed at EYFS to get children active on their arrival at school! Morning jobs are a fantastic way to use that ‘bitty’ time when the children are coming in first thing and make it into a valuable learning opportunity. These have been planned in a progressive manner to support children with their phonics, mark-making, maths and fine motor skills. The format is that there are 5 groups altogether that your class are split into. Each day children come in, put their belongings away and go to their allocated activity set up in the classroom. The following day they will do the next activity and so on, so by the time it gets to Friday children will have completed each of the 5 challenges.

EYFS Morning Starter Jobs – Autumn 1 Week 6 is the sixth and penultimate in the series for the first half of the Autumn term and focuses on people who help us.

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