Diwali EYFS Maths Planning Pack Autumn 2 Week 3

EYFS Maths Planning Pack Autumn 2 Week 3 – Diwali

Are you looking for a ground-breaking, innovative and engaging EYFS maths scheme that can be used in school or at home? Then we’ve got you covered! The Mrs Mactivity EYFS maths scheme is designed by an Early Years expert and specifically for use in Reception classrooms and at home, based around the EYFS maths mastery approach. All plans and activities comply with both the EYFS curriculum and the Early Adopter EYFS Curriculum.

This week’s plan – EYFS Maths Planning Pack Autumn 2 Week 3 – Diwali – uses the topic of Diwali to help bring maths to life for EYFS children.

Each week, we provide you with all you need to ensure excellent progression in number, shape, space and measure, and maths mastery for all children in your setting, while making sure that children are highly engaged and motivated to learn.

Weekly packs include:

  • play-based focus plans
  • a related maths provocation
  • an enhanced provision plan
  • and specially designed maths resources to use within your areas of provision.
  • all supporting resources and games

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