Phonics Screening Check Resource Pack

Phonics Screening Check Resource Pack

mock phonics screening check

Get ready for the year 1 phonics screening check with our Complete  Phonics Screening Check Resource Pack.  Contains everything you need to prepare for the year 1 screening check including:-

  • mock screening check PowerPoint with a combination of real and pseudo words from previous tests  (2017-2019 phonics screening materials).  It contains 40 words (20 pseudo words and 20 real words) in two sections. All words with an alien picture are pseudo words(they are names for the alien creatures). This is intended to help the children so that they are not trying to match the word to a word in their own vocabulary. It is important to tell the children whether each page shows a real word or a type of imaginary creature.
  • Flashcards with both real and pseudo words.
  • Phonics screening check answer sheet for you to record individual children’s results.
  • Phonics screening check scoring guide.

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