Chinese Zodiac Writing Activity – Cloze Procedure

We love making Chinese New Year resources – fact! We’ve made this delightful and meaningful Chinese Zodiac Writing Activity – Cloze Procedure is great for children who need their writing work scaffolded, and some support when doing reading and writing activities. This Chinese New Year writing activity tells the story of the Chinese Zodiac, and challenges children to recount the story and fill in the blanks using the provided word bank. Great for learning new vocabulary and keywords related to your Chinese New Year topic.

This comes x4 per page to cut down on the number of pages you need to print. But it’s nice and big still, so that children have plenty of room to write, and will be able to read the letters and words easily.

This resource comes in both our standard and pre-cursive fonts, as part of a zip pack.

Use our Chinese New Year whiteboard presentation before starting this activity.

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