Phonics Scheme Phase 1

Welcome to Mrs Mactivity’s Phonics Scheme Phase 1 resources, designed specifically for teachers like you!

Phase 1 of phonics lays the crucial foundation for reading and writing by developing essential listening and sound discrimination skills. At Mrs Mactivity, we understand the importance of engaging and interactive resources to support early phonics learning in your classroom.

Are you looking for a comprehensive Phase 1 phonics scheme for your early years phonics curriculum? Look no further! Our expertly created phonics resources encompass a wide range of Phase 1 phonics activities designed to facilitate early phonics learning and enhance phonological awareness in your Nursery or Reception class. Dive into our meticulously crafted lesson plans, which include engaging sound discrimination games, listening activities, and interactive oral blending and segmenting activities. Encourage your pupils to explore environmental sounds with our immersive activities, fostering a deeper understanding of language. Discover the perfect resources to kickstart your Phase 1 phonics journey and help your pupils make progress on their reading journey.

Our resources are perfect for use in your classroom, providing engaging activities that encourage children to explore sounds, identify environmental noises, and begin to tune their ears to the intricacies of language.

Browse our collection below and discover innovative resources to enhance Phase 1 phonics learning in your classroom today!

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