Year 3 Spring Block 3

Year 3 fractions maths mastery worksheets, planning and resources

Our year 3 maths scheme of work contains a huge number of sequential resources that take you through teaching fractions to year 3 in handy, bite sized steps. All of our year 3 maths scheme resources are created by qualified and specialist primary maths teachers and are designed to help children meet year 3 key maths curriculum aims, through engaging and interactive activities, PowerPoints, worksheets, revision mats and assessment – all pulled together through detailed year 3 weekly fractions lesson plans.

You’ll find year 3 maths fractions resources on:

On each of our year 3 maths fractions worksheets, you’ll find a variety of activities for children to complete. These challenging exercises encourage children to colour in the correct number of boxes, write the answer to the fraction sum, write the shaded fraction for each rectangle, match the rectangles with the equivalent amount shaded, and more.

We know how important pictorial representations are when learning about fractions, so we’ve included a huge number of visual aids and illustrations to make it a bit easier for children to understand the topic as well as ensuring that our year 3 fractions PowerPoints are interactive and highly engaging.

Plus, they’re printable and can be downloaded within seconds, meaning you don’t require any special equipment. Whether you’re teaching in the classroom or at home, you can be sure that you’ll save time whilst children make rapid progress.

Year 3 fractions national curriculum objectives

Fractions is an important part of the national curriculum for Year 3 pupils. Here are some of the curriculum aims for pupils in Year 3 which children need to meet by the end of the school year:

  • recognise and use fractions as numbers,
  • use diagrams to show equivalent fractions with small denominators.
  • count up and down in tenths.
  • add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole.
  • compare and order unit fractions.

Assess children’s knowledge of year 3 fractions using our year 3 fractions assessment, which aims to assess children’s understanding of fractions in Spring block 3.

Looking for similar resources, but on other areas of maths? Be sure to check out the rest of our year 3 maths scheme of work.

How do you explain fractions to a Year 3 child?

Fractions are parts of a whole. Imagine sharing a pizza. If you cut it into 4 equal slices and take 1 slice, that’s one-fourth, written as 1/4. The top number shows the parts we have, and the bottom number tells us the total equal parts. Fractions can be bigger or smaller. Understanding fractions helps with measurements, shapes, and sharing equally.

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