Year 3 Spring Block 1

Year 3 White Rose aligned maths mastery resources for the Spring term. New and updated for 2023! Includes year 3 times table worksheets, year 3 maths mastery activity cards, games, slides and more to develop maths matters skills for year 3 children.

Year 3 maths mastery skills

We all learn at different paces, and children are exactly the same. Some children pick up maths mastery skills more easily, whilst other children need more exposure and practice. Use our maths mastery skills for year 3 resources to help children develop maths fluency, maths reasoning and maths problem solving skills by following our year 3 maths mastery resources step by step.  By teaching in this way, children will enjoy a deepening understanding of maths, and move quickly through the learning progression to become proficient at year 3 maths.

Explore our range of maths mastery resources for the spring term, differentiated by ability levels to enable you to personalise the learning and target children with learning activities that are just right for their ability level.  Save time and help children develop maths skills with high quality, time-saving maths mastery resources for year 3. Our year 3 spring maths mastery resources include:

The best thing is that we have put together all of our resources for year 3 multiplication and division in the spring term and created a year 3 weekly lesson plan, telling you exactly how to use the resources we’ve created during the week.  This aims to save you lots of time as well as to ensure that children are covering the correct learning content – all nicely linked to the national curriculum for maths in year 3.

What topics are covered in year 3 maths skills mastery resources?

In year 3 spring block 1, our maths mastery resources are specifically covering multiplication and division, moving on from the multiplication and division work covered in the Autumn term. Resources include related calculations, using place value charts and much much more!

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