Year 2 Summer Block 1

Ready to go Maths Masters range! Summer Maths Year 2 Length and Height Resources including lesson plans, lesson presentations, worksheets, activity cards, assessments and more!

Explore our exciting Maths Masters range for year 2, specifically designed to save you time whilst delivering high quality learning outcomes for children. Aligned with the White Rose Maths small steps progression, our lesson resources and worksheets have been teacher created to ensure that they are high quality and fit for purpose.

we offer a comprehensive range of teaching resources designed to support the Year 2 Length and Height National Curriculum. In Year 2, pupils continue to develop their understanding of measurement by exploring concepts such as length and height. Our resources are designed to help teachers deliver engaging and effective lessons that meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Our range of resources includes interactive activities, worksheets, and lesson plans that cover all aspects of Year 2 Length and Height. We understand that every classroom is different, and so we offer a variety of resources that cater to different learning styles and abilities. Whether you are introducing length and height for the first time or reinforcing prior knowledge, our resources will help you to create a stimulating and fun learning environment.

Our resources are aligned with the National Curriculum and cover topics such as measuring length and height using standard and non-standard units, comparing lengths and heights of different objects, and understanding the concept of perimeter. We believe that learning about length and height should be a hands-on and interactive experience, which is why many of our resources incorporate games, puzzles, and other activities that make learning fun.

All of our resources are created by experienced teachers who understand the challenges of teaching length and height to Year 2 pupils. We are committed to providing high-quality resources that are easy to use and support the development of essential skills. With our range of resources, you can be confident that your pupils will develop a strong foundation in length and height that will prepare them for future learning.

Browse our range of resources today and discover the perfect tools to help you teach Year 2 Length and Height in a fun and engaging way.

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