Year 1 Spring Block 3

Spring Maths Year 1 Length & Height Resources, White Rose Maths aligned

A collection of year 1 length and height teaching activities and resources that are designed to be aligned with the White Rose Maths progression.

Ready to go lessons for length and height for year 1. Including PowerPoints and accompanying worksheets, activity cards all ready to use with your class or children at home. Using a mastery approach, these resources re similar to schemes such as White Rose Maths. The PowerPoints can be edited to suit the needs of your class and contain teaching notes on each slide – where needed. Differentiated is available both on the planning and on the accompanying resources to help you meet the needs of your class.

Our resources are designed to help young learners develop their understanding of length and height through fun and interactive activities that are aligned with the UK National Curriculum. Whether you’re teaching measurement, comparing sizes, or exploring different units of length and height, our resources have got you covered. So why wait? Browse our collection today and give your Year 1 students the tools they need to excel in maths!

Contains resources such as; year 1 adding lengths worksheets, year 1 measuring length PowerPoint, year 1 length and height lesson plan, and much more!

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