Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension KS2, KS1

Explore a wide range of reading comprehension resources aimed at improving children’s understanding of a range of texts – including both fiction and non-fiction, from a range of genres.

How can I use reading comprehension resources?

Reading comprehension resources for KS1 & 2 can be used in a range of ways. As part of your English lessons, or perhaps during guided reading sessions. They are brilliant preparation for both KS1 and KS2 SATs and provide children with experience, breadth and practise when it comes to reading.  Our range of topics include:

and much more!

Reading comprehension resources for EYFS and Year 1

Finding age-appropriate reading comprehension resources can be a challenge. Here at Mrs we have a wide range of phonics-based reading comprehensions to help children develop prosody, fluency and automaticity alongside developing reading comprehension skills. Our phonics-based reading comprehension activities for EYFS and year 1 range from phases 2 to 5, and cover a range of genres. Ideal for guided reading, for intervention groups or as part of your phonics teaching sessions.

Giving children access to a range of different texts is a great way of exposing them to different genres and writing styles in order to boost their confidence and give them access to texts they wouldn’t ordinarily read, improving inference and deduction skills.

Reading comprehensions for reluctant readers

Some children often say that they don’t enjoy reading, or enjoy completing reading comprehension activities, but we’ve thought of that! We’ve designed our reading comprehensions specifically for reluctant readers and have included some slightly off the wall topics including an axolotl reading comprehension and a unicorn reading comprehension that are specifically designed to appeal to children. Some of our reading comprehension activities have actually been co-authored by our own children – who know a lot more about computer games than we do!

Reading comprehensions linked to topics

We know that children learn best when learning is contextualised and they already have the language and skills required to access the content. Linking reading comprehension activities to topics is a great way of spreading learning across the whole curriculum. Check out our Great Fire of London reading comprehension as a great example of how to do this.

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