EYFS KS1 bunting display resources for the primary classroom

Find the perfect bunting and display decorations for your EYFS and KS1 classroom. Includes hessian bunting, cartoon bunting, botanical bunting,  alphabet bunting, numbers bunting, fairy tale bunting banners and much more!

What is classroom bunting used for?

Teachers often use classroom decorations, including bunting, to create a theme for a particular unit of study, celebrate special occasions, or enhance the overall aesthetics of a classroom. Additionally, bunting can be a useful tool for organising and visually dividing different sections of the classroom or displaying the work of pupils. Popular bunting includes alphabet bunting and number bunting displays and create a quick reminder and visual reference for pupils.

Explore our HUGE collection of  classroom bunting display decorations specifically designed to complement your classroom display areas and enhance your teaching. Whether you prefer cartoon-themed bunting, hessian bunting or botanical bunting, we’re sure to have something that you’ll love.  We offer a diverse range of bunting in various colours and shapes. Elevate your class displays with vibrant and creative bunting decorations, adding a welcoming touch to your learning environment. Bright and colourful displays contribute to a positive atmosphere, promoting focus and engagement amongst your pupils. Our user-friendly children’s bunting decorations are easily downloadable and printable, designed to save you time and simplify the process. Meticulously crafted by our team of dedicated illustrators and designers, our bunting and classroom display resources cater to various subjects, including math and science and much more.



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