Alternative Spelling Spotter Activity

Alternative Spelling Spotter Activity

Alternative spelling activity

Use this Alternative Spelling Spotter Activity to help children learn the alternative spellings for the phase 3 and 5 graphemes.

This game is for children who are Phase 3 and Phase 5 confident and are starting to learn the alternative pronunciations.

How to use guide:

– The children will begin by identifying the Phase 3 sounds in the coloured circles at the top.

– They will choose those colours in felt tip/coloured pencil/bingo dabber or even whiteboard pen (if you laminate them).

– The children will then need to  read the other words in the circles to find out which alternative sound it is and colour it in the same colour as the sound at the top.

For example, if the Phase 3 sound in the red circle is /ai/, the children will be looking for words with the /ay/ /ey/ and /a_e/ sounds in as they make the same sound and will need to segment and blend these words and colour them red too.

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