Year 1 | Counting From 10 Car Park Game

Year 1 | Counting From 10 Car Park Game

Year 1 | Counting From 10 Car Park Game

Small Steps: Counting objects from 10 game

Aligned with the White Rose Maths scheme of work, our Year 1 | Counting From 10 Car Park Game  is designed to go alongside our year 1 maths mastery lesson presentations, where the learning has been modelled. This activity is designed to cover the following objectives:

  • Topic: place value>counting objects.
  • White Rose Small Steps: count objects
  • National Curriculum: Count to ten. Count, read and write numbers to 10 in numerals. Identify and represent numbers using objects.

Use as part of your continuous provision setup, as an enhanced provision activity in a tuff tray! This is a great way to encourage children to count numbers already in a group of 10.

How to use

– Cut out the number cards.
– Put either real cars, or our car cards into spaces in the car park.

Now play!
– Take it in turns to choose a number card and take that number of cars out of the garage. The person with the most cars wins!

Explore our counting objects resources.

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