World War 2 Teaching Ideas

World war 2 lesson ideas KS2

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Whether you are studying the Second World War as a history topic, or are looking for some resources to extend your work on Remembrance Day, take a look at our new World War 2 resources. Our Second World War lesson presentations include lots of factual information, photographs and offer a real insight into what happened and the effect on people’s lives during the war. Explore our World War 2 teaching ideas today! 

The Battle of Britain World War 2 Lesson Presentation

Battle of Britain KS2 teaching resources

Our Battle of Britain KS2 lesson presentation takes you and your children through the key events of the Battle of Britain. Learn about Hitler’s first plans for an invasion of Britain named ‘Operation Sealion’, the battle in the air between German and RAF planes, and how a new British radar system ultimately led to Hitler’s first defeat of the Second World War.

Whilst illustrating the success of the battle for the British and Allied forces, the presentation also refers to the human losses on both sides of the battle, linking to modern Remembrance Day traditions and memorials.
The Allies World War 2 Lesson Presentation

Allied Forces KS2 teaching resources

British Allies from all over the Commonwealth and the world joined forces to stop and defeat the Nazis. On the other side, the Nazis joined together with Italy and Japan to form the Axis.

Explore some of the key events involving the Allies through the text, illustrations and photographs in our Allies KS2 lesson presentation. Find out about the events of Dunkirk, the D-day landings, the role of the Soviet Army, and the atomic bombs which were dropped on Japan at the end of the war.

We have been careful in the way that we describe the victory of the Allies in defeating the Nazis, but also the large numbers of military personnel and civilians who died during the war.

Home front KS2 teaching resources

The Home Front KS2 teaching resources

If you want to investigate how the Second World War affected the lives of ordinary people, then this Home Front KS2 lesson presentation is perfect. It illustrates how everyone in Britain contributed to the war effort and had to change their daily lives. Women took on men’s roles and worked in hospitals treating the injured, children were evacuated from their homes, whilst regular air raids and rationing affected the everyday lives of the British people.

Holocaust KS2 lesson presentation

The Holocaust KS2 teaching resources

The Holocaust was a horrific event that occured during the Second World War. Though not suitable for study by younger children, it is important that older children have an understanding of the way the Nazis discriminated against some groups of people. 

We have created a thoughtful and sensitive Holocaust KS2 lesson presentation on the Holocaust for use with older KS2 children. The presentation refers to the concentration camps, Anne Frank and her family, and the rules that the Jewish people had to follow. It also explains how some people were freed and how we remember all the victims today. As with all of our presentations, it is editable so it can be adapted to the needs and sensitivities of your own children and we strongly advise that you read through all of the text before using with your class.

Explore the rest of our World War 2 resources here.


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