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We’re really pleased to see you, welcome to our community! We are a collective of ex and current teachers and designers who are passionate about changing the world through high quality educational resources. We know that educating kids is tough as we have kids ourselves. We know you’re short of time and that the bar has been raised in terms of what is now expected of our kids at school. We’re here to do the hard work for you, so you can spend quality time with your children, at home or in your setting, confident that they are doing fun and educational activities that actually make a difference to their educational outcomes.

You won’t find any cheesy images or nonsense when you come to us, everything we make is beautiful AND useful. Our talented designers are qualified illustrators who really know their stuff, and our teachers are fully in touch with what’s going on in education today – so you know you’re in safe hands.

At the moment, all of our resources are free! But as we grow our site and resource bank, we will be adding resources to the subscription part of our website, so we can pay people for their hard work and time. That’s only fair after all.

But for now, everything is free, so enjoy! Not sure how to sign up? Watch our useful video here.

EDIT – we have started adding resources to our 12 months membership section of the website. If you’d like to access these, you’ll see the option to add the 12 month membership to basket on those resources.


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We love how @primarypurposefulplay  has used our alphabet road tracing activity!