10 Ideas for Unicorn Paper Crafts!

Today Mrs Mactivity has been super busy, as word is spreading about our unique unicorn paper craft idea, everyone seems to want in on the act! But what do you do with your unicorn craft once it’s made? We’ve got some ideas, but first here’s how you make it!

Unicorn Paper Crafts
  1. Download from our new unicorn resources category!
  2. Print out, then cut around the lines as directed.
  3. Fold where shown, glue, then colour in – we prefer baby pink and baby blue colours, but it’s up to you!

If you’re not sure, we’ve done some instructions via video as well – great to show to kids!

When you’re done – here’s how to use it!

  1. Use as a cute gift idea, write a message inside to use instead of buying a card!
  2. Role play! There are two designs, print off a few copies to personalise, ask your children to use the unicorn craft as a mask, put on silly voices and tell a story!
  3. What’s “unicorn” about you? Ask children to write inside what makes them special, what special gifts they have? Open in a few weeks time or when they’re feeling a bit down in the dumps. (don’t glue it if you do this!)
  4. Do this for someone else – write inside what their unicorn power is! Show it to them on a “blue” day.
  5. Make a “bunch” of unicorns to have in a vase instead of flowers – brightens up every room!
  6. Pop some treats inside and use your unicorns like a cone for transporting sweet treats instead of party bags!
  7. Use as a Mother’s Day gift!
  8. Use in Brownies for your unicorn challenge badge.
  9. Put in a frame to decorate your bedroom wall!
  10. Make into unicorn bunting to decorate a birthday party. Hang from string from the ceiling

Best of all, we’ve lots more unicorn resources here too – with more to come!

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