The word “obsession” is usually used as a negative way – something that you can’t let go of, or something you spend an unhealthy amount of time invested in. I’m sure we’ve all experienced obsessions – clothes, shopping, exercise, a person, a job, For me, the word “obsession” although often used negatively, can actually be a positive thing. Maybe substitute it with “tireless”, “striving”, or “being the best you can be” and it sounds a little nicer. So my obsession? Our customers, our tribe. Because customers and customer service matter, A LOT. It’s something I am so obsessed with, and care about so much that I’m writing a blog post to tell you what I expect from Mrs Mactivity when it comes to our customers, just so you know how serious I am about it.

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So why are we so obsessed with our customers?

  1. We like solving people’s problems. You need resources and printables that aren’t the same as everyone elses. You want great classroom displays and activities that inspire children to learn. You don’t want to sift through thousands of unnecessary resources. You want to spend quality time with your child at home doing cool creative stuff that they love. I totally get it. I’ve been there. And that’s what we’re here to do. And when you have a problem solved, it creates a good feeling – both for you and our team. And that makes EVERYONE happy.
  2. It drives loyalty. If you know you’re going to have your problem solved, save time, be inspired and get something you and your child or class really like – it’s going to make you want to keep coming back, and maybe you’ll even sign up for a Premium subscription. And if you’re loyal to us, we’ll be loyal back. Need a bespoke resource making as you’ve got a lesson observation? We can help! Got your child’s party coming up and need some cute bunting? Come to us! You help us and we’ll help you. And that’s good for everyone! And the more we get to know our customers, the more we can predict what you’ll all need, and be even more useful to you!
  3. It’s about integrity. I didn’t set up this business to get rich – that’ll never happen. I just wanted to help people. I wanted to give teachers and parents an alternative to large resource providers and be the “little fish” in the big pond – with a really great set of customers who really appreciate and love our more boutique style of resources. We’re a really small team, but we want to do the right thing and charge as little as possible so you can get what you need without it being painful to you.  We want to make life easier for you and we can only do that if you trust us to do the right thing by you. And anyway, how can we expect people to sign up for Premium if they don’t trust what we do?
  4. We want you to love what we do as much as we do. Going back to the concept of obsessions, getting our resources right – and that means making them beautiful AND useful – is something we will never tire of.  Listening to our customers – and that includes children – is vital for this. Making something beautifully designed that has no educational benefit is as pointless as making something with educational content that looks uninspiring and dull. The trick is getting both right and we’ll never stop obsessing about making sure children love what we do. And if you love what we do then it gives us a reason to get out bed in the morning and smile – as your feedback genuinely makes a massive difference to us.
  5. We’ve been there. Empathy is a huge driver. We’ve got kids, we’ve been teachers. We know how hard it is, and we want to do everything we can to lighten the load and help. Making a difference to people’s lives gives us purpose and meaning.

So you see, this obsession with looking after our tribe is a good one! We’re obsessed with helping others, doing the right thing, making beautiful and useful resources and being loyal to those people we are lucky enough to call our customers.

So far our reviews tell me that we’re doing pretty well! Here’s what people say about our resources and what we do:-

Absolutely love all the resources I have downloaded and can’t wait for Year 1 to use the resources! Really friendly and creative. Thank you  – Kirsten Marie

Fantastic resources!! Lovely ideas and VERY friendly! I love all the resources that have been available and they very easy to download. LOVE LOVE LOVE !! – Rebecca Louise

We have been using Mrs Mactivity as a learning resource for the past few weeks and I am very impressed with the content available. The art resources are really unique and my five year old loves to choose her own projects.  – Mary Louise

Long may the obsession continue!


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