Maths Scheme of Work

Maths Scheme of Work

We are SUPER excited here at Mrs Mactivity to bring you news of our  Maths Mastery Scheme of Work – to help you save even more time.  When it comes to primary resources for maths, it can be difficult to find something that is right for you, your school and your class. With this in mind, we’ve come up with something FRESH and NEW, that can be used by both new and experienced teachers.

What’s different about this scheme of work for maths mastery?

Here at Mrs Mactivity, we’ve got a thing about hands-on, active learning, with elements of the the play-based approach thrown in, focusing specifically on maths mastery. There is absolutely a place for worksheets and that type of learning in maths, and in fact we produce lots of maths worksheets for all age groups. But our passion lies in creating something that’s a bit different, whilst tying in perfectly to the maths national curriculum. We’ve created a series of maths mastery PowerPoints with accompanying teacher notes and instructions, that can be used every single teaching day of the year. Each PowerPoint contains:-

  • learning objectives
  • national curriculum links and objectives
  • small steps
  • TAF statements
  • key vocabulary
  • introductions to each area of learning
  • consolidation of previous learning
  • activities that can be done in pairs or groups, as well as independently
  • interactive activities,  e.g. moving objects around on the screen
  • links to and ideas for continuous provision
  • teacher-led and independent tasks
  • fluency activities
  • a focus on real life maths – life skills for kids!

Year 2 | Making Patterns With 2D Shapes Lesson Presentation

The scheme of work for maths also has lots of supporting maths resources including maths activity cards, differentiated maths worksheets and maths revision mats to be used at the end of each week’s learning.

sorting 2d shape worksheets

Each week also has an accompanying lesson plan, with links to the corresponding resources and PowerPoints, to save you even more time.

Get a free maths scheme sample pack here.



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