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This post is written by science specialist teacher Anne.

‘Unexpected guest’ teaching ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and that means it’s that time of year again for John Lewis to creep into our lives once more, and that means the creation of a whole host of John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021 Teaching Resources! Adults and children across the country have already been watching and discussing the annual John Lewis Christmas advert. Whilst some may argue over its appeal or success, it is a fantastic opportunity to engage your children in some related learning activities.  The advert is a great starting point for discussion and work on lots of different themes that impact on our daily lives. You can watch the John Lewis 2021 Christmas advert below and check out our John Lewis Advert 2021 teaching resources to help you deliver this topic with ease in the run up to Christmas.

What is the message in the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert?

This year’s advert is entitled ‘Unexpected Guest’ and focuses on a 14-year-old boy called Nathan who befriends an alien called Skye who has become stranded on Earth during the build up to Christmas.

Nathan introduces her to, and involves her in his family’s Christmas traditions. Through this, he builds a strong friendship with this girl from another world.
Christmas traditions, friendship, diversity, and helping others are all key themes in the advert which can be explored using our latest teaching resources.

Christmas traditions

Why not start by discussing Nathan’s Christmas traditions and how he shared them with Skye. This is her first experience of Christmas on earth.

This leads perfectly into a John Lewis 2021 advert writing taskin which the children can explain Christmas traditions as if describing them to an alien. You can also extend this by asking children to write about their own family traditions.

Aliens first christmas resources John Lewis Advert 2021


Building friendships is a key part of children’s lives and they continue to develop their skills during their time at school. Nathan’s friendship with Skye is a perfect stimulus for a discussion about the importance of friendship. Why not follow this by asking them to write about what makes a good friend using our John Lewis advert 2021 friendship themed writing activity.

"An Unexpected Guest" John Lewis Advert | What Makes a Good Friend Activity

Christmas gifts

The gifts we give and receive are naturally one of the most exciting aspects of Christmas – and not just for children! In this year’s advert, Nathan presents Skye with the gift of his Christmas jumper – the one he was wearing when they first met. This is a great opportunity to explore John Lewis advert 2021 what makes a good gift and whether the value of a gift is its monetary value, or the thought and feeling with which it is given. The jumper obviously means something to Nathan – and to Skye – which is why he chooses it as a gift.

Helping others at Christmas

Though it is, of course, very unlikely that any of us will experience an alien landing near our home, we can think about ways to help others just as Nathan helped Skye. This may be helping others in our community such as giving food to a food bank, donating clothing to the homeless or refugees, or helping wildlife survive the harsh conditions of winter. This John Lewis advert 2021 helping others in need activity is perfect for writing down and exploring these ideas.

"An Unexpected Guest" John Lewis Advert | Helping Others in Need Activity

You can also explore and use our teaching resources and ideas from the John Lewis Advert in 2020.

Explore the rest of our John Lewis Christmas advert primary resources here.

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