How to Make Easter Baskets out of Paper

One of the questions we get asked a lot at Mrs Mactivity is about our paper crafts – and this Easter, we are getting a lot of people asking the same thing – how to make Easter baskets out of paper. A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to run a workshop at the incredible Childcare Expo in London, and met lots of lovely Early Years practitioners and teachers and guess what we did – made Easter baskets using our pre created Easter basket template! It was so popular we wanted to share our tips and tricks with you, so you can make the best Easter basket crafts ever!

Easter Basket Template

What you need to make your Easter basket:-

  • Our Easter Basket printable available here, or you can use some plain or coloured card cut into a square. We also have a Free Easter Basket Template right here.
  • scissors
  • glue
  • decorations if you’re not using our Easter decals – included in the Easter Basket printable.

So to start, you need to print out the Easter basket printable – there are 10 designs so choose your favourite – or print them all! They are also available within the pack in black and white if you want to save on ink and decorate your own. Cut around the square of the template, and the handles too. Also included in the printable are some Easter “decals” for you to cut out and stick on for an additional adornment!

Easter Basket template printable

When you’re done, you need to make a series of folds along each of the internal grey lines. When you’re done, where you can see the dashed lines, make a small cut, just until the end of the dash. No further.

Easter printable

When you’ve made the little cuts, glue where it says “glue here” then fold the flaps in each side so that the “glue here” words are covered.

Paper Easter Basket template

When you’ve done the same on both sides, it’s time to get to work on your Easter Basket handles. This is super easy! Just glue them together so you get one long strip, then glue them into position on your Easter basket. I noticed at Childcare Expo that people did this in all sorts of different ways – so feel free to do this your own way!

Easter Basket to print

Once the Easter Basket handle is in position, you can now decorate your egg basket! Either add the decals we’ve included in the Easter Basket printable, or stick on some Easter decorations of your own.

Once you’re done, you can fill with sweet treats, or just for your Easter egg hunt!

These paper or card Easter baskets are really easy to make for all ages, and kids love them. If you want to make them a touch stronger so they last longer, it might be worth using a glue gun when you attach the handle, just to make it extra sturdy. You can either choose to print this Easter basket onto paper or card stock, and don’t feel you have to print the colour versions, the black and white versions of these baskets are just as lovely and enable you to really personalise them and make them unique to you. You can even paint the basket templates or add glitter – the choice is yours.

Easter Basket Printable


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