Easter Cardboard Tube Print Card

Easter cardboard tube print card

Everyone loves a bit of printing – it’s easy, fun and anyone can do it! Preschoolers are especially fond of printing, and if you can do it with things lying round the house, so much the better. Today we’re sharing with you an idea for an Easter craft, that you can do easily with a cardboard tube. We cut a kitchen roll in half for the purposes of today’s craft, and you can make either egg outlines or a bunny shape – the choice is yours! Remember, we’ve also got a beautiful range of ready made Easter resources that you can download and print today! So back to today’s craft, an Easter Cardboard Tube Print Card – here’s what you need:-

  • half a cardboard tube
  • some paint in a ramekin – any colour, but bright, springlike colours work best
  • coloured pencils or felt tips – we used Stib Pencils.
  • cotton buds
  • any other crafty materials you might have lying around like small pom poms or jewels
  • coloured card folded in half

Here’s what you do:-

  • Dip the end of the cardboard tube in the paint, rotate it around the ramekin to ensure full coverage.
  • For the egg outlines, put pressure on both sides of the tube to make an oval shape. Press down on the card. We actually used a different sheet of card and then cut out to stick on our final card – if that makes sense!

Easter Cardboard Tube Print Card,

Easter Cardboard Tube Print Card,

Easter Cardboard Tube Print Card,

  • When you’re made your outline, leave to dry, then make your own patterns. You can colour in using zig zags or whatever you want, or we also painted using cotton buds. You could do finger painting as well.

Easter Cardboard Tube Print Card

  • For the bunny face, make a circle print first, then compress the tube slightly to make two ear prints. Add eyes, nose and whiskers, or decorate how you please. We cut the bunny out to stick onto a card as I wanted to bend the ears forward slightly.

Easter bunny print Cardboard Tube Print Car

  • You’re done!

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