Year 2 | Two Times Table Worksheets

Year 2 | Two Times Table Worksheets

Year 2 | Two Times Table Worksheets

Year 2 multiplication worksheets

Aligned with the maths mastery approach, these differentiated Year 2 | Two Times Table Worksheets are designed to be used alongside our Year 2 | 2 Times Table Lesson Presentation for a complete maths lesson.  These worksheets require that children count in 2s as a route into multiplying by 2. The worksheets can also be cut up and used individually in children’s books to demonstrate knowledge and progression, without the need for a whole worksheet.

Topic: Multiplication and division

Small Steps: Make doubles.

NC Links: *Solve problems involving multiplication and division using materials, arrays, repeated addition, mental methods and multiplication and division facts including problems in context.

TAF Statements Greater Depth – Use reasoning about number and relationships to solve more complex problems and explain their thinking.

Ready-to-progress criteria:  2MD-1 Recognise repeated addition contexts.

Explore our year 2 multiplication and division resources for Spring block 1.

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