Year 1 | Representing Numbers to 50 Lesson Presentation

Year 1 | Representing Numbers to 50 Lesson Presentation

Year 1 | Representing Numbers to 50 Lesson Presentation

Year 1 place value resources to 50 lesson plans

Aligned with the White Rose Maths scheme of work, this Year 1 | Representing Numbers to 50 Lesson Presentation is fully editable, and is designed for the Year 1 maths curriculum covering the following maths objectives for the autumn term:

Topic: Place Value

This lesson focuses on representing numbers up to 50 using tens and ones, ten frames, objects, words, and numbers.

White Rose Maths Small Steps: Compare groups of objects.

NC Links: Count to 50 forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any numbers. *Count, read, and write numbers to 50 in numerals. *Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line.

TAF Statements: Working Towards: Read ad write numbers in numerals (to 50) *Partition a two-digit number into tens and ones and demonstrate an understanding of place value, through they may use structured resources to support them.

Working At: Partition two digit numbers into difference combinations of tens and ones, explaining their thinking verbally, in pictures, or using apparatus.

Ready-to-progress criteria:  1NPV-1 Count within 100 forwards and backwards, starting with any number

Previous experience: Begin to develop a sense of the number system by verbally counting forward to and beyond 20, pausing at each multiple of q10.

Future applications: Count through the number system. *Place value within 100.

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