Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games KS2 Reading Comprehension

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games KS2 Reading Comprehension

Tokyo Olympics 2020 KS2 Reading Comprehension

Help children learn about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and improve their reading skills all at the same time with our Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games KS2 Reading Comprehension. Full of knowledge and information about the 2020 Olympic Games (actually help in 2021!), children will be inspired to learn more about the Olympics as they go, with fun and unusual facts and a full run down of the games, including a reference to Covid-19 issues.

Questions are linked to the content domains and are fully aligned with the National Curriculum for KS2 reading. If children lower down KS2 find this a bit tricky, ask them to work through the reading in pairs, or do as whole class guided reading.

Contains full answer sheet.

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