The Titanic Rusting Science Investigation

When the Titanic fell below the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, it immediately started to rust. Sea water causes objects to rust much quicker than normal water. The wreck of the Titanic is rusting around 4 km underneath the surface of the sea. It is made of iron which rusts when it reacts with oxygen and water. In this The Titanic Rusting Science Investigation, children are going to find out how to test how iron nails rust in different liquids

Covers the following science National Curriculum objectives:-

  • Set up a simple fair test. Recognise and control variables.
  • Gather and record data/results to answer questions.
  • Take measurements.
  • Use results to draw conclusions and make predictions.

This science investigation can be used with KS1 aged children, and if necessary adapted for their abilities. Works well as a home learning activity, for home educators, or as part of your Titanic topic in school!

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