The Titanic Keeping Warm KS1 Science Investigation

The Titanic Keeping Warm KS1 Science Investigation

Titanic Keeping Warm Investigation KS1

A perfect cross-curricular approach to your Titanic topic! Use the Titanic as a brilliant hook for learning, and get children buzzed about the voyage, and the reasons behind the sinking. Use The Titanic Keeping Warm KS1 Science Investigation to help children aged 5-7 to understand how the passengers in the freezing waters of the Atlantic could have kept warm following the sinking of the ship.

Covers the following science National Curriculum objectives:-

  • Perform a simple test
  • Use observations and ideas to answer questions.
  • Gather and record data/results to answer questions.
  • Identify and compare suitability of materials for particular uses.

This science investigation can be used with KS1 aged children, and if necessary adapted for their abilities. Works well as a home learning activity, for home educators, or as part of your Titanic topic in school!

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