The Human Body Lap Book

The human body lapbook

By popular request! Our The Human Body Lap Book is jam packed full of useful resources so that children can make their own project book – or lap book – to help them to carry out their own research and extend their knowledge of the human body.

What is a lap book?

A lap book is a hands on way for children to research and learn more about their chosen topic. It’s a way to compile information and learning in a way that makes sense to the child, and collates all their knowledge about whatever they are studying and learning about. Some people call it a project book, or a layer book. They are a really hands on and creative way to help children organise their learning, in a way they can either share with others, or refer back to at any time!

Lap books are typically used by home educators/home schooling parents, but can be used by anyone, at any time.

This human body lap book contains:-

  • lap book template – both large and smaller
  • human body titles and headings
  • skeleton labelling activity
  • human life cycle resources
  • skeleton split pin puppet
  • the human senses labelling activity

and much much more!

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