Spin Solve and Write Maths Activity

Spin Solve and Write Maths Activity

Use this Spin Solve and Write Maths Activity to help children with their number fluency and familiarity skills when figuring out one more and one less. Perfect as a morning activity or out in your provision area.

How to prepare:

Step 1: Print off the Spin, Solve & Write game (better on card or laminated).

Step 2: Cut out arrows separate and attach using a split pin to the two wheels.

Step 3: Model how to play the game.

How to play:

– Spin the number wheel and say the number you land on.

– Spin the 1 less 1 more wheel and work out using a number line what number is either 1 more or 1 less of the number you landed on in the first spin.i.e. if you landed on 5 and +1 your number would be 6.
– Use multilink/cubes/counters to make the sum.
– Write the sum and add the correct symbol (+ or -).

National curriculum links

– Given a number, identify one more and one less.

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