SEND Barrier Game – Build a Scene – Space

SEND Barrier Game – Build a Scene – Space

SEND Barrier Game - Build a Scene - Space

NEW to Mrs Mactivity! This SEND Barrier Game – Build a Scene – Space works really well during social distancing too.

A fantastic space barrier game to help pupils with:

  • speaking and listening
  • turn taking
  • developing social skills
  • giving clear information
  • receiving instructions
  • vocabulary, describing words and nouns
  • positional language
  • collaborative working
  • and more!

What are barrier games?

Barrier games are a form of information gap activity that allow children to follow and receive verbal instructions.  When playing barrier games the children will practise vocabulary linked to: colour, size and position.

How to play barrier games

You will need:

  • two copies of both the baseboards
  • chosen individual images (prior to starting this activity, the adult should chose the individual images to enable the intended vocabulary to be practised).

How to play:

  • Player one and player two to sit opposite each other with a barrier between them.
  • Player one to organise the individual images on their baseboard.
  • Player one to then give verbal step-by-step instructions to describe each image and explain where it is placed on the board so player two can set up their scene in the same way.
  • Player two to listen to and follow the directions to place the described images on their baseboard.
  • When all of the images have been positioned, remove the barrier to check if the scenes match.

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