Phonics Scheme Phase 5 Week 1

Phonics Scheme Phase 5 Week 1

Easy to follow phase 5 phonics scheme with Mrs Mactivity! Use our Phonics Scheme Phase 5 Week 1 as your school’s phonics scheme, following right through from phase 1 phonics. Our phonics scheme follows the Letters and Sounds phonics framework, but with an active, hands on approach, that is perfect for both NQTs and more experienced teachers. Using tried and tested methods, we break down the order of phonemes, and introduce them to children in simple yet engaging ways.

This zip pack includes:-

  • phase 5 buried treasure game
  • phase 5 tricky words on leaves
  • phase 5 sound cards
  • phase 2 sound cards
  • phase 3 sound cards
  • daily plans from Monday to Friday

Explore the rest of our phonics scheme here.

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