Phonics Scheme Phase 4 Week 3

Phonics Scheme Phase 4 Week 3

Phase 4 phonics planning

If you are following letters and sounds phase 4, then you will love our phase 4 phonics scheme! Containing tricky words resources for phase 4, phase 4 high frequency words and phase 4 phonics activities to help you teach this difficult phase. Focusing on revision of the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds, whilst introducing new tricky words and adjacent consonents.

Phase 4 week 3 contains:

  • full weekly and daily planning
  • phase 4 word cards
  • phase 4 roll a word game
  • phase 4 treasure hunt game
  • phase 4 sentence activity
  • and more!

Explore the rest of our phase 4 phonics scheme.

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