Phonics Phase 3 Phonemes Board Games

We are busy making lots of new phonics activities, phonics games, phonics worksheets and more – and this has already caused quite a stir! Try these unique Phonics Phase 3 Phonemes Board Games in your class or home, practice the phase 3 phonemes using our board game and reinforce and consolidate not only the phonemes, but spelling and reading all at the same time. Full instructions come with the game, but briefly –  you can either use a 9 sided dice or the included number cards, then ask children to pick a number and say a word containing the phoneme of the corresponding numbers. Use counters to add a bit of friendly competition!

This phase 3 phoneme game comes in:-

  • colour x 3 designs.
  • black and white x 3 designs if you want to save on ink.

There is no preparation if you already have counters and a 9 sided dice, if you don’t, it will take just a few seconds to cut out the number cards and the included counters.

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