Phonics Phase 3 Chatterbox

Try out our new Phonics Phase 3 Chatterbox as part of our phonics planning and phonics lessons. Or do with your child at home to reinforce these phase 3 sounds. We have chosen some phase 3 words at random to make this chatterbox – also known as a cootie catcher and fortune teller – but if there is sufficient demand we will make a whole set to cover all the phase 3 words.

Full instructions for how to make this chatterbox are included within the pdf. To use, simply open and read from left to right, sound talking each phoneme as you go. To check you are right, open up the chatterbox to see the complete word underneath.

This contains:-

  • precursive version
  • unjoined cursive version
  • Mrs Mactivity font version

Each version also comes in both colour and black/white.

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