Phase 2 Picture Cards

Phase 2 Picture Cards

Phase 2 picture cards

Get ready for phonics with our Phase 2 Picture Cards! Use these as phonics flashcards to prompt children to recall the sound that goes with each card. Or use as a prompt for children who are learning each sound. So many ways to use these phase 2 phonics picture cards. All of these are hand drawn and checked by a qualified teacher.

These phase 2 picture cards also come in several different sizes so you can pick and choose, and in precursive font. Let us know if you’d like another font by emailing

This resource comes as a zip file as there are three sizes: A4, 2 per page and 4 per page. It will download best on a computer rather than a tablet or mobile. If you have any issues downloading the zip, then right click on the folder and select “extract all”, then navigate the folder as usual.

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