Phase 2 Dinosaur Eggs Science Provocation Short Plan

phase 2 dinosaur eggs provocation

*As seen at Childcare Expo Midlands 2019 in our feature area*

Have fun investigating phonics with our Phase 2 Dinosaur Eggs Science Provocation Short Plan. Follow our plan to make your own simple dinosaur eggs out of every day materials, hiding a letter inside. Challenge the children to use vinegar to break down the egg to reveal a lot of fizzing and then a letter inside! See if they know what the phoneme is!

This phase 2 dinosaur egg activity helps children to learn their phase 2 letter sounds, as well as using fine motor skills to use a dropper or spray to break down the outside of the egg.

The pack also includes prompt and vocabulary cards to help supporting adults facilitate learning. These can be put on a binder ring for ease of use.

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