EYFS (age 4-5) Busy Book

EYFS (age 4-5) Busy Book

EYFS busy book

The perfect end of year resource for EYFS! Use our EYFS (age 4-5) Busy Book as a way to refresh children’s skills and knowledge at the end of the school year, packed full of activities that are linked to the Early Years Goals and Early Years Foundation Stage so you can rest assured that children are working on the areas they should be.  Contains:-

  • number matching
  • shape matching
  • size ordering
  • size comparing
  • colour matching
  • healthy and unhealthy activity
  • word and picture matching
  • alive or never alive activity
  • comparing lengths activity
  • rhyming words matching
  • seasons ordering
  • money matching
  • people who help us vehicle and object matching
  • emotions matching
  • complete half of the picture
  • clothes activity
  • human life cycle ordering
  • caterpillar life cycle ordering
  • and more!

Can be used for home learning or as an end of term project when children go back to school. Start each morning with this busy book to settle children in as they start the day. Learning + fun!

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