CVC Word Family Sliders

CVC word family sliders

We are super excited about our new range of hands on, practical phonics resources! Try out our CVC Word Family Sliders – these come in 6 different styles:-

  • precursive font – colour
  • precursive font – black/white
  • unjoined cursive font – colour
  • unjoined cursive font – black/white
  • Mrs Mactivity font – colour
  • Mrs Mactivity font – black/white

There are around 20 different word lists in each pdf each with accompanying slider. The CVC words are in word families with the same word ending. A great phonics play activity!

Simply cut along the dotted lines on the slider – do not remove the rectangle as it needs to stay in place in order to allow your word list to travel up and down. Starting at the top gradually slide the CVC words up and ask the child to read each word one at a time. Or start from the bottom and work up. The child should be asked to read the ending of the word first, then move onto making a word by adding the onset sound.

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