CVC Word Family Paper Plate Phonics Craft

CVC word family phonics activity

We’ve gone and done it again! Another awesome phonics play activity that kids love! Have a try of our CVC Word Family Paper Plate Phonics Craft – incorporating the main CVC word families so that children can consolidate their understanding of phonics with a fun game and activity that can be used over and over again! Contains over 45 pages including the following CVC word families:-

  • id
  • eg
  • ed
  • ad
  • an
  • ap

and many many more! Fits with any phonics scheme including letters and sounds.

Simply cut out the templates and stick the word endings sheet to a paper plate. Using a split pin, fasten the initial sound sheet to the top. Then spin it round as children sound talk each word one by one.

When one word family is mastered, move onto the next one. It really couldn’t be easier. Children love the gamification of phonics, and this phonics game is a real favourite.

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