CVC Word Family Flap Activity Pack

Download this awesome CVC Word Family Flap Activity Pack to get the very best phonics resources around! This CVC word family activity comes in three different fonts:-

  • unjoined cursive
  • precursive
  • Mrs Mactivity font

and includes the following word families:-

  • ad, an, ap, at, et, ed, eg, en, it, id, ig, in, ip, op, og, od, ot, ox, ut, un, ug

The designs also come in both:-

  • colour
  • black/white

So you can choose which one works for you!

To use – simply cut around each box and then stick on each initial sound, glueing on the left hand side of each square. Stick each sound on top of one another then lift the flap and sound out each word as you go! Great interactive activity for children learning to read through phonics.


  • decoding skills
  • reading skills
  • understanding of spelling rules
  • understanding of word families

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