Chinese Zodiac Story Writing Activity – Differentiated

Chinese Zodiac Story Writing Activity – Differentiated

Chinese new year story of the zodiac writing activity

A delightful and meaningful writing activity for Chinese New Year! Our Chinese Zodiac Story Writing Activity – Differentiated. We have re-created the story of the Chinese Zodiac in two different versions – so that children of all ages and abilities can take part. One version invites children to re-write their own version of the story of the Chinese Zodiac. The other version contains the story with certain words missing, for children to complete the sentences using words from the included word bank.

These Chinese New Year story resources come in a zip pack, so it’d be better if you can download them onto a computer rather than a mobile device.

These print out as one page per A4, we do have smaller versions too, or you can simply print 4 per page if you want to shrink it down.

Use our Chinese New Year whiteboard presentation before starting this activity.

Explore our Chinese New Year resources.

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