Chinese New Year Paper Plate Puppet Craft Pack – Black/White

Chinese New Year Paper Plate Puppet Craft Pack – Black/White

Chinese new year paper plate puppet craft

Create your very own Chinese New Year Paper Plate Puppet Craft using our pack of hand drawn beautifully illustrated images. This Chinese New Year craft pack includes everything you need to either create a paper plate puppet craft, or an A4 puppet craft. Included are illustrations of some of the zodiac animals to perhaps have your own race! We’ve also included some props to complete your puppet show.  All you need for this Chinese New Year craft is:- scissors, glue , craft sticks and a paper plate (if you’re opting for the version). Use coloured pencils or felt tips to really personalise and make this craft your own. Use a craft knife (always supervise children or better still, do that part yourself) to cut out the slit for the puppets to pop up through. Ask children to retell the story of Chinese New Year or make up their own story! Perfect resources for early literacy skills and oral story telling.

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