Children’s Calendar Paper Plate Craft – Black and White

Make your own calendar for the year ahead with our Children’s Calendar Paper Plate Craft – colour in the seasons and stick to plate 2. Stick plate 2 to a paper plate and cut out around the edges. When you’re done, mount the plate onto the background sheet. Using a split pin, attach plate 1 on top of the seasons, and each time the seasons change, spin it round to the next one! Add calendar tabs to the bottom of each calendar to send home with children as an end of year gift. This craft can also be used as a way of reinforcing seasons of the year, and can be used as a jigsaw for children to put the seasons in the right order. Add the stickers and decals to the base as an additional flourish!

For the colour children’s calendar paper plate craft take a look here. Or check our the rest of our Christmas resources!

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